Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas shooting schedule

Over the holidays, me and Ben devised a schedule for our filming pieces, and here are the details regarding character roles and the shots we collected.

Ben as main character, with focus on him as the athlete going through his personal training in preparation for race. Shots involve him completing press ups and sit ups, aswell as running scenes.
The character is wearing football shorts and socks, a t shirt, and running shoes in order to make it evident to viewers of the role he is undertaking within the footage.

Our friend, Harry, kindly voluntered to be involved in the filming process, and is playing the role of Bens personal trainer. Within shots he is seen to be motivating Ben, as we wanted to display how the character is striving to improve upon his performance, and aso has got the help of a trainer to achieve his goals. He too is wearing casual sports clothing to again portray the characters role to the viewers, and is in the shots with Ben to display how hes motivation for the runner is helping him.

My role was of cameraman, and I filmed various kinds of shots from various camera angles in order to get a complete range of shots to decide which would look best when it comes to editing our video.

We filmed all shots at the River Lea, a local park.

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