Thursday, 6 September 2012

Questionnaire and answers for Band name

Question 1
What is your favourite genre of music?

Rap          Rock          Indie          Classic          Pop          Other

Question 2
What is your favourite current existing band name?

Question 3
Which band name do you think would best be suited for us?

Shaolin Monks          Future Peers          Burritto Dorito          Degeneration Ben          Doggy Dogs

After gathering much information and getting people to answer our questionnaire, here are the following answers we obtained:

Q1:     Pop x8
           Rock x6
           Indie x3
           Other x2
           Classic x1
           Rap x0

Q2:     Coldplay x9
           Script x4
           Muse x1
           Crush 40 x1
           40 years long x1
           Spector x1
           Killers x1
           Arctic monkeys x1
           JLS x1

Q3:     Burritto Dorito x8
           Future Peers x5
           Doggy Dogs x4
           Degeneration Ben x2
           Shaolin Monks x1

So, in conclusion, we have decided to go with the band name; Burritto Dorito

Band Info

Today me and Ben came up with a few possible band names (some of which we quickly ruled out!), and posed a questionnaire to a number of people in order to gain the best band name for us.

Initial names:
Shaolin Monks
Dino Saws
Cool Kids
Dorito Burrito's
Future Peers
Degeneration Ben
Team Radical
Lady boys
Doggy Dogs

The songs with a line through them were those that we decided not to choose