Thursday, 17 January 2013

Video shooting schedule

Recently, me and Ben decided to go to Lee Valley park to film some shots for our music video with the plan of recording footage of Ben as an athlete in training. To do so we also had the assistance of our friend Harry to act as Bens personal trainer.

As personal trainer, Harrys job was to be seen motivating Ben, and instructing him on how to improve his technique when training.
This is the 'big chair' in which
I filmed the high angle shots from

Our shots included clips of Ben doing various activities such as running, push-ups and sit-ups, and included Harry either joining him in the activity or guiding him. The shots also included various angles and distances that I filmed from in order to mix up our shot types and obtain the best effect we possibly could, including me filming from the top of a 'big chair' within the park.

Overall the filming went rather well and we have managed to obtain a lot of good footage that we can use when making our final video, although we will of course be filming much more, which will be shown in future posts!

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