Monday, 14 January 2013

Digipak Analysis: No.2

This digipak from Oasis displays clearly its genre type using the image of the guitar to highlight its indie-rock genre. In doing so they instantly appeal to their target audience and indicate the type of songs that will be in the CD without giving any sample music.
The front cover is also rather unique and less 'flashy' than other artists covers, portraying a simple yet effective theme to the digipak.
The guitar is not only an effective look to have on the front cover of the digipak, but it is also a main sound in this genre of music, whereas other artist rely heavily on voice, they attempt to show that there is a good blend of vocals and instruments to their music which they're putting across through this image. In addition, in not showing the band members on any part of the digipak they are perhaps trying to highlight that they are not stereotypical artists and prefer to promote their music rather than their individual images. 

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