Tuesday, 22 January 2013


the stage in our school
hall (minus the kids on stage)

There will be a number of locations for our music video, including our school hall. The hall will be used for the shots of the singer, as we capture shots of him motioning the lyrics, playing the guitar and various other shots. The hall is an ideal location as it was easy to access, and there is a piano in the corner we will use.

the unusually large piece
of furniture (mentioned in
previous posts)
In addition to the hall, we will also be filming at the Lee Valley park, mainly filming shots of Ben as the athlete, in which he will be in training as well as competing in races. The location is a good one as there are many different terrains to the park, and contrasting parts which make ideal filming for us as we may be able to reflect the mood of the athlete and their race/training progress with the location. As well as providing various scenes, Lee Valley also enables me to test out and use various shot types, including the high angle camera shot thanks to the help of an unusually large piece of furniture placed  the park.


The main actor will be Ben, whom will take the role of the singer (as portrayed by Danny from the Script in the Hall of Fame video), as well as the role of the athlete in focus.
Ben will not be the only athlete as he will be in competition with others during the race scenes, the athletes will comprise of other friends of ours although I cant be sure who will or wont help us out as of yet. Our friend Harry will also be in filming, playing the role of Bens personal trainer prior to the final race scene.


The singer, AKA Ben, will be portrayed in smart/casual clothing, which is quite fashionable, as you would expect from a relatively new song.
All of the athletes will be in sporting clothes, i.e. shorts, shirt and trainers.


Director: Ben
Producer: Me
Editor: Me and Ben
Director of cinematography: Me
Actors: Ben, Harry, and others (not yet decided)

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