Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Digipak research: Content

Content of a digipak:

- CD(s)                                - Band name                                             - 6/8 sections (usually)
- Barcode                            - Price                                                       - Images of band/artist
- Title                                  - The 'spine' of the case includes title         - Related/relevant images
- Track list                          - Cover picture                                           - A recurring theme
- Record label                     - Info of band/artist


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Revised Character list

The main character in our film will be Ben, who plays the roles of both the singer and also the 'main runner' of whom the focus of the races are on;
Helping us out for our video are also a few friends who have been kind enough to be a part of our video. Harry will be playing the role of Bens personal trainer, as he strives to improve after losing the first race;
Sam.G and Sam.H have also helped in playing a part as Bens competitors in both races, a role that I am also playing. 

Sam H
Sam G

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


the stage in our school
hall (minus the kids on stage)

There will be a number of locations for our music video, including our school hall. The hall will be used for the shots of the singer, as we capture shots of him motioning the lyrics, playing the guitar and various other shots. The hall is an ideal location as it was easy to access, and there is a piano in the corner we will use.

the unusually large piece
of furniture (mentioned in
previous posts)
In addition to the hall, we will also be filming at the Lee Valley park, mainly filming shots of Ben as the athlete, in which he will be in training as well as competing in races. The location is a good one as there are many different terrains to the park, and contrasting parts which make ideal filming for us as we may be able to reflect the mood of the athlete and their race/training progress with the location. As well as providing various scenes, Lee Valley also enables me to test out and use various shot types, including the high angle camera shot thanks to the help of an unusually large piece of furniture placed  the park.


The main actor will be Ben, whom will take the role of the singer (as portrayed by Danny from the Script in the Hall of Fame video), as well as the role of the athlete in focus.
Ben will not be the only athlete as he will be in competition with others during the race scenes, the athletes will comprise of other friends of ours although I cant be sure who will or wont help us out as of yet. Our friend Harry will also be in filming, playing the role of Bens personal trainer prior to the final race scene.


The singer, AKA Ben, will be portrayed in smart/casual clothing, which is quite fashionable, as you would expect from a relatively new song.
All of the athletes will be in sporting clothes, i.e. shorts, shirt and trainers.


Director: Ben
Producer: Me
Editor: Me and Ben
Director of cinematography: Me
Actors: Ben, Harry, and others (not yet decided)

Friday, 18 January 2013


In class we've been mucking around with photoshop, not the easiest thing to get the hang of but heres the image I edited;

... to this

From this ...

As you can see (I hope!) I have added in the moon to the sky and also Postman Pat driving across the bridge.
Although this isn't the greatest piece of editing, in doing this I can now enhance the making of my digipak and I hope this will result in a better outcome. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Video shooting schedule

Recently, me and Ben decided to go to Lee Valley park to film some shots for our music video with the plan of recording footage of Ben as an athlete in training. To do so we also had the assistance of our friend Harry to act as Bens personal trainer.

As personal trainer, Harrys job was to be seen motivating Ben, and instructing him on how to improve his technique when training.
This is the 'big chair' in which
I filmed the high angle shots from

Our shots included clips of Ben doing various activities such as running, push-ups and sit-ups, and included Harry either joining him in the activity or guiding him. The shots also included various angles and distances that I filmed from in order to mix up our shot types and obtain the best effect we possibly could, including me filming from the top of a 'big chair' within the park.

Overall the filming went rather well and we have managed to obtain a lot of good footage that we can use when making our final video, although we will of course be filming much more, which will be shown in future posts!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas shooting schedule

Over the holidays, me and Ben devised a schedule for our filming pieces, and here are the details regarding character roles and the shots we collected.

Ben as main character, with focus on him as the athlete going through his personal training in preparation for race. Shots involve him completing press ups and sit ups, aswell as running scenes.
The character is wearing football shorts and socks, a t shirt, and running shoes in order to make it evident to viewers of the role he is undertaking within the footage.

Our friend, Harry, kindly voluntered to be involved in the filming process, and is playing the role of Bens personal trainer. Within shots he is seen to be motivating Ben, as we wanted to display how the character is striving to improve upon his performance, and aso has got the help of a trainer to achieve his goals. He too is wearing casual sports clothing to again portray the characters role to the viewers, and is in the shots with Ben to display how hes motivation for the runner is helping him.

My role was of cameraman, and I filmed various kinds of shots from various camera angles in order to get a complete range of shots to decide which would look best when it comes to editing our video.

We filmed all shots at the River Lea, a local park.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Digipak Analysis: No.2

This digipak from Oasis displays clearly its genre type using the image of the guitar to highlight its indie-rock genre. In doing so they instantly appeal to their target audience and indicate the type of songs that will be in the CD without giving any sample music.
The front cover is also rather unique and less 'flashy' than other artists covers, portraying a simple yet effective theme to the digipak.
The guitar is not only an effective look to have on the front cover of the digipak, but it is also a main sound in this genre of music, whereas other artist rely heavily on voice, they attempt to show that there is a good blend of vocals and instruments to their music which they're putting across through this image. In addition, in not showing the band members on any part of the digipak they are perhaps trying to highlight that they are not stereotypical artists and prefer to promote their music rather than their individual images.