Thursday, 15 November 2012

Video we will do for our coursework piece; 'Hall of Fame' by The Script

Here is the video of 'Hall of Fame' by The Script, which is the song we plan to do for our coursework piece;

Reasons for doing so:
Firstly, as we established through our survey, The Script are the ideal band for us to emulate as they have a popular audience due to their genre of music, which consists of teenagers and young adults.
Also, the group consists of men, something that me and Ben can of course relate to, and is also a group that we both enjoy, and so we feel is ideal for us to work on.

The lyrics of the 'Hall of Fame' are ones which can easily be interpreted as sports based, e.g. "you can be the greatest, you can be the best", which is something that I felt was ideal for us to make a video from as this gives us loads of great ideas to contemplate. Also, a sporty theme would attract to our target audience (around 14-25 years) as it is proven that people are in their 'prime' in this age bracket. With the lyrics of the video being a sort of sports theme, this is an inspirational song, and a song with lyrics that we felt are ideal for us to work with.

Possible ideas:
We can try many different camera angles and shots in order to emphasise the message of the song, thanks to the inspiring lyrics.
Thanks to the pace and upbeat tempo of the song, we can edit our video by using techniques such as 'rapid cutting' to match the rhythm of the song with the video.
Due to the interpretation of a sports theme, we could wear sports clothing and use sports equipment to appeal to the theme.
We could add shouts from coaches to the athletes in the video for example, in order to create more of a realism to the video.

Roles within the video:
Director of photography: Me
Organiser: Ben
Editor: Me and Ben
Producer: Me and Ben
Actors: Various people willing to help out

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