Thursday, 15 November 2012

Our one minute extract- The Script- For the First Time

The Original: (The first minute):

Compared to ours:

With this being our second one minute recreation, I feel that this extract has been far more successful than our first. Firstly, our shots are definitely more exact and detailed than the ones from our previous video;

     < Compare to  >


< Compared to >

These shots are down to far more detailed use of camera angles, editing techniques, and similarities between the characters.

The shots are a great improvement, however I feel as though there is still room for improvement as you can see that our shots may not be of the exact same contrast as the ones in the shot; and this is something we can look to practice further and hopefully master.

< As you can tell, our shot isn' the same contrast as the original  >

Overall, I feel that in doing this task we have improved greatly from our first attempt and we have improved well in many different areas. There is still things we can still improve though, such as practicing colour corrector in 'Final Cut Pro', before I feel that we can undergo our final task.

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