Monday, 12 November 2012

One minute extract- Daphne and Celeste- Ooh stick you- evaluation

The original (From 0.32 seconds - 1.32 minutes);

Compared to ours;

As you can tell, this isn't the best extract we hope to make but here is how I feel we faired when looking at Cinematography, Editing, and Mise-en-scene;

We did our best to make sure the shots in both ours and the actual video were similar, but this was obviously hard to do so as we couldn't copy the exact surroundings and so we tried to find the closest background possible.
We also could not remake the exact costumes used by the people in the video (as is clearly displayed by Ben's wig), and so altered one shot in particular in order to remake just the bottom corner of the shot, in which Daphne and Celeste are involved, as opposed to the dancer in the centre screen.

Our editing was very basic and simple, there were no video transitions or filters that needed using in order to match the original video, and so the only minor problem we faced was to match the timing of our shots to match those in the video.

There were a few props that we needed to use when recreating the video, although we didn't quite match those used in the real footage. Firstly, the wig Ben used was the closest thing we had to match him to the image of the girls, and so, thanks to limited resources, he looked nothing like either of them. Mise-en-scene was arguably the worst part of our recreation as almost all of our props and costumes were wrong in comparision to the actual video. This is something we will most definitely put more effort into during future filming.

                                                                      Not the best of similarities.....

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