Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Script- For the first time

For our second one minute recreation, me and Ben decided on recreating part of The Scripts 'For the first time' video; here's the original official music video:

We decided to recreate the first minute of the video as this was the easiest, and most 'accessible', part of the video to film.
After taking into consideration the results of our recent survey into audience's view on music, we had decided that recreating a video of 'The Script' would be best to match the appeal of the majority of audience.

There were many different techniques used in the music video that we felt would be a good challenge for us to recreate, and shots that we felt would further develop our cinematography and editing skills. In recreating this video, it was the ideal task for us to prepare for our final music video.

Furthermore, throughout the video, there are many different scenes in which a black and white contrast is used to create a more dramatic emotion, this was something which we felt would be ideal to emulate and learn how to use well, so that in our final video we could use to create an ideal effect to match the emotions of the video. For example;


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