Thursday, 7 March 2013

Final filming schedule; 8th March

This is our final piece of film, as we need film for the artist.
It will be in our school hall, as we need to film footage of the plaque as a symbol for the 'Hall of Fame' when our athlete wins the race. This is the same location of the footage we've had for all of that involving the artist.
The artist himself may not actually be in the footage, depending on what looks more effective, but the main focus is on the plaque within the hall; the plaque we will film has been used in our previous shots, with the artist staring up at it as somewhat of an inspiration. This final piece of footage will highlight how he has been striving to reach the 'Hall of Fame', and how his hard-work helps him achieve hgis goal.
I will be cameraman, and will take still footage of the plaque, before we edit the name 'BEN AMATRUDA' (name of the athlete) onto it under the names already up there, to signify the achievement the athlete has accomplished.

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