Saturday, 2 March 2013

1st Draft Questionnaire results

This Questionnaire went out to 14 people (between the ages of 18-25); this is how they were answered:

1. How well do you think the sports narrative conforms to the music video?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

2. How well do you think the colour contrast works?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

3.Do you like the way the role Harry (the personal trainer) is played?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

4. Do you think that the narrative is realistic?

Yes                 maybe                     no

5. How easy to understand narrative without the missing clips?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

6. How much does this music video inspire you?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

 7.How well do you understand the concept of the plaque?

A lot               okay                    not a lot                           not at all

Can you tell me what you thought worked well in this draft?

"I really enjoyed the contrast between the colours"

"The rappid cutting bit was awesome"

"I like the bit where your character switches between light and dark."

"The bit where the personal trainer chases you with a brick"

"The introduction, piano bit with the sit ups works very well."

"The serious faces at the start of the race"

"The difference in colour works very well"

"You playing the piano was Very cool"

"My favorite part was the introduction"

"The bit where you are doing sit ups and press ups"

"All of it"

"The different angles when the characters are running"

"The bit on the stage"

"The black and white works really well"

"The plaque bit is really interesting"

The phrases which are highlighted, come under two categories of the rapid cutting/introduction and the color contrast, which is exciting, as these were the ideas which we thought were original. As a result we believe that it would be significant to keep these sections of the music video, as our target audience respond to them significantly.

And then can you tell me what improvements you think could be made?

"The part with the personal trainer chasing you with the brick is unrealistic"

"The missing clip makes it hard to understand"

"Make the narrative clearer"

"Not much :)"

"Some of the running scenes do not look realistic

"Different clips of the artist"

"Get rid of the brick"

"The bit on the stage is to cheesy"

"Some of the running techniques"

"Make it more understandable"

"the artist part is repetitive"

"Maybe all should be in dark lighting"

"The brick scene"

"More of the artist"

All these highlights phrases come under three categories of the brick scene, repetitive footage of the artist and make the narrative clearer, so as a response we are going to:

  1. Get rid of the scene with harry and the brick
  2. Get rid of the same clips of the artist
  3. Then replace them with better footage of the artist
  4. Fill in the missing clip
  5. Make the narrative clearer through the two races i am going to film

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