Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Filming locations

Throughout our filming we will be needing various locations to film due to the alternative narratives in our video; the sportsman, and the band member.

For our sports sequences, all footage will be filmed within the River Lee due to the natural images needed when our runner is in training, and so the River Lee is an ideal location. We will be filming in various locations of the River Lee so that the footage does not become repetitive and dull.

Unfortunately for us, the River Lee is a rather popular local park and so our filming is often delayed due to the amount of people walking in and around the park. Problems arise because of this as we cannot afford to have random people in our shots, and therefore we cannot always get the footage we had planned. Furthermore, we are restricted to certain times of the day when filming due to the lighting contrast as the days progress and we want to ensure that all footage is relatively similar in terms of daylight.

Also, other locations we will use will possibly be Ben's house, and we will also use our school hall, which is almost always available to us.
However, we will have to ensure that it is not evident that the footage is from within our school, as this would look tacky and uncreative. In addition, we will need to make sure that the parts we film are clear so that there are no bits of school equipment lying around.

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