Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Digipak back cover?

Here is my initial idea for my digipak back cover:

Although the back cover may look a bit blank, I am still going to add onto it the details such as Distributer and Manufacturer for the album.
I took all pictures I am using for my digipak myself, using my schools 'Nikon SLR 500' camera for its good quality photos.
To achieve the colour change from the original picture I used 'Photoshop' and added a brown background layer whilst changing the image from normal to a 'Pin Light' effect in order to merge in the brown colouring with parts of the image. I feel this effect works well, as it gives a contrast of colour to the original image and also allows the sun to be more demanding and dominant in the photo.
Aswell as altering the image, I have also added in the barcode from an internet picture, and used 'Text' to include the song names and price tag. 
Edited image
Original photo

Changes I plan to make:
1. Include the extra details such as manufacturer and distributer
2. Perhaps include album title on back cover also
3. Include more song choices as only 4 choices is small for an album

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