Monday, 29 April 2013

Final Poster; and analysis

Here is my final draft for my album poster advertisement:

When creating this I aimed to make sure that the band name and album name really stood out, and so I felt that the white colouring of the writing was highlighted in contrast with the backgriound images.
I have used the same image for my poster as I have the image on my digipak front cover, and in doing so I hope I create a link between the two. I feel that this will create a noticeable image that can be linked with the album, making the piano image recogniseable to the viewers.
Also, I have included a picture of Ben, the artist, in order to create a relationship between the band and its audience, as the more they see the bands personell, the more recogniseable and high-profile the band becomes.
I have included the release date in bold in the middle of the poster in order to increase its profile. The more that the date is noticed, the more it is stuck in the viewers' mind, much like the pictures of the piano and artist. 

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